Rules & Regulations


1.    The association shall be known as Shropshire Ladies Crown Green Bowling Association.

2.    The object shall be to promote the game of Bowls and organize County Matches and Competitions for Ladies and juniors.

3.    The Officers Chairman, Secretary, Competition Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary. President, Vice President shall be elected annually at the A.G.M.
4.    A management committee shall transact the business of the association.
The current management Committee consists of the Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Registrar, President & Vice President..

5.    The A.G.M. shall be held in conjunction with Shrewsbury & District League
          AGM in February.

6.    A notice calling this meeting together with any notices of motion shall be issued to each affiliated club at least two weeks prior to the date of the meeting.
Notice of any proposed alteration or addition to the rules must be in the hands of the association Secretary not later than 31st December the previous year.

7.    Clubs wishing to affiliate to the association shall submit in writing an application to the Secretary for consideration by the A.G.M. If approved the club shall immediately pay the current affiliation fee.

7a    As in rule 5 of B.C.G.B.A. Bye Laws:
All Leagues, Associations and Clubs playing competitive Crown Green Bowls under the Rules, Bye Laws and Laws of the Game of the B.C.G.B.A. shall be directly affiliated to their respective County Association. Any club playing in a league which is affiliated to a County other than its own must also affiliate to that County.
Any League, Association or Club, which refuses to affiliate to its County Association, shall be suspended along with all its registered members, from playing any form of competitive Crown Green Bowls, until the affiliation fee is paid.

8.    The annual subscription for each affiliated club shall be £10.00 subject to revision.

9.    An annual fee of £1.00, subject to revision, per bowler is payable to the
A nominated member of every affiliated club shall forward this to the association Treasurer by no later than 15th June each year. Failure to do this will result in a £10.00 fine.

10.    Anyone wishing to play in any League affiliated to the S.L.C.G.B.A, County Matches, County Competitions, either team or individual events must be affiliated as above and have paid their annual pound fee.

11.    All monies belonging to the association shall be deposited in either a bank or building society account.


    Secretary              £125.00
    Comp. Secretary   £125.00
Ass Secretary        £50.00
Treasurer              £50.00


1.    All County matches shall be played under British Crown Green Bowling Association rules.

2.    County Selection Committee should consist of Six Selectors plus the Secretary.

3.    Bus fare for County Matches shall be £10.00  per person travelling.

4.    Price of Programs for County matches is £1.00.

5.    Smoking is not allowed on the Green.

6.    The County Merit shall be played mid week with the Qualifying rounds on a Tuesday for Telford and a Thursday for Shrewsbury with Finals on a Saturday evening.

7.    The start and scratch time for County Competitions shall be 10.00am unless otherwise stated. It will be strictly adhered to and stated on the entry form.

8.    Entry Fee for County Competitions shall be £3.00 for a singles and £6.00 per pair for doubles.

9.    When entering competitions run by the association any clubs that the person is a playing member of should be stated on the entry form. Failure to do this could lead to disqualification. Anyone drawn to play on a green of which they are a playing member shall owe two chalks.

10.    Where competitions are played on different greens for qualification for the Finals, the draw for the Finals shall be as follows. If one qualifier per green is going forward to finals then a straight draw is made. If two or more qualifiers per green are going forward to finals then the greens are placed in alphabetical order and the draw carries through as from the qualifying rounds.

11.    Any player failing to compete in the final stages of a competition run by the County Association, except for a valid reason, ie Medical Certificate, shall automatically be suspended from entering any competition run by the County Association for a period of not less than twelve months, and forfeit their prize money. Subsequent offences to carry a penalty of three years subject to Management decision.
12.    If a lady bowler does not make herself available for Shropshire Ladies County Bowling, then she is not allowed to enter either the BCGLBA Merit or BCGLBA pairs competitions where she would be representing Shropshire.

13.    Teams can only enter the County Cup, Consolation Cup or the D & M Morrey cup & Golden Shield with players that are generally associated with that team. If the club has more than one Ladies Team they are not allowed to integrate them for the above mentioned Competitions.

14.    Dress code for County matches and B.C.G.L.B.A. finals are: No denims, shell bottoms or jogging bottoms. Tops must have sleeves and collar. Shorts are allowed if they are tailored to the knee. If you are representing your county in any B.C.G.L.B.A event you must wear your County Colours if possible or if not then either Black or Navy bottoms with White tops. Anyone who does not comply will not be allowed to participate. Shropshire’s County Colours are Black & White

County & Consolation Cups

1.    Entry Fee for the County/Consolation Cup is £10.00 per team. Each player shall then pay 25 pence per match (£2.50 per team) to go to the greenkeeper at the host club.

2.    A team for the County/Consolation Cup shall consist of ten players.

3.    All teams shall go into the first round of the County Cup. The winners shall then continue in the County Cup with the losers going into the Consolation cup.

4.    Any team not fielding a side in the first round of the County Cup shall not be permitted to play in the Consolation Cup.

5.    All County & Consolation Cup matches shall be played on a set date on a neutral Green on a Wednesday. This Date can only be rearranged due to inclement weather on the date of the match.

6.    Any team failing to turn up shall forfeit the match.

7.    In the event of a draw the match shall be replayed on a date set by the Management Committee, which shall be as soon as can be arranged after the original match and will be on the same green. If after the replay (except in the final) the match is still a draw then a count back system comes into operation. Most wins if they are equal, then best card of the match, if both teams have a card the same then it moves on to next best card and so on until a result is reached. The final is still to be replayed as many times as it takes to reach a result.

8.    A fee of 25p per player (£2.50 per team) to be collected at every match and paid to the treasurer by the October Meeting. This is to go towards the prizemoney.

9.    No player is allowed to play on a green of which they are a League playing member of ANY League. They must be substituted before the match begins or, if they have played, their score is to be 21-0 to the opponent. Match result adjusted accordingly.

10.    The Finals of both the County and Consolation Cups be played at a weekend if a free date can be found that is acceptable to both teams involved in the final. This to be sorted out by the Secretary and each team involved after the Semi Final stages.

11.    There shall not be any fixtures arranged as to coincide with County or Consolation cup final nights. Fixtures may be arranged on nights of the prior rounds provided they do not cause any conflict of interest with either the County or Consolation cups.

D & M Morrey Cup & Golden Shield Consolation

1.    Entry fee for the D & M Morrey cup/Golden Shield Consolation shall be £10.00 per team. Each player shall then pay 25 pence per Match (£2.50 per team) which is to go towards the prize money.
2.    Teams for the D & M Morrey & the Golden Shield competitions shall consist of ten players 5 playing at home and 5 playing away in all rounds up to the final which shall be played on a neutral Green on a Saturday evening. A play by date will be preset for each round which will be strictly adhered to and teams must then arrange their own matches.

3.    Losers of the first round of the D & M Morrey Cup will go into the Golden Shield Consolation competition which will be played along the same lines as the D & M Morrey and adhere to the same set play by dates.

4.    In the event of a draw the whole match is to be replayed. The two teams concerned to arrange the replay as soon as possible to avoid delaying any further rounds.

5.    Any team failing to turn up for the match or failing to arrange a match shall forfeit their place.

6.    The D & M Morrey & Golden Shield Consolation competitions carry a handicapping system as follows Shrewsbury and District Ladies League Division One Teams shall be off scratch, Division Two Teams shall receive Five Chalks, Division Three Teams shall receive Ten Chalks.

Junior Merit Competition Rules

Entries to be female and under 18 on 1st January of the year it is being played.

As this Competition doubles up as the Shropshire Junior Merit and the qualifiers for the BCGLBA Junior merit You are only allowed to enter through one County as per BCGLBA Rules.

The preliminary stages of the competition be played in groups on a round robin basis with names being drawn for groups on the day.

Number and sizes of groups to be decided on the day according to the number of entries.

Qualifiers from the groups then go on to a straight knock out for the Final stages.

As we run the Junior merit in a round robin format it is possible that there be a tie  in the group. If this happens then the winner of the individual game between the two players in the group be the one to qualify for the final stages.

Club Championship

          The format for qualifying for the Club Championship, from Shropshire, are as follows:

1.    County Cup Winners
2.    D & M Morrey Cup Winners
3.    League Winners (Div 1)
4.    County Cup Runners up
5.    D & M Morrey Runners up
6.    League Runners up (Div 1)

The management committee whose decision shall be final shall deal with any matter not provided for in the foregoing rules.                
Updated March 2015

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